Monday, March 11, 2013

A Couple of Firsts......

In the last couple of weeks we've had a couple of first time events in our house.

Allie got to go on her first PK camp.
I've been informed lately there in dancing there is such a think as a PK turn.....I don't know what that pk stands for, but PK for us is Preacher's Kid. {of course}
Our conference does a camp every year for the pk's - ages 10 through high school.
This is the first year Allie has been able to go and she has been super excited about the pk retreat since last summer!
The number of campers continues to increase so this year, they did two different weekends. One for senior high and one for kids age 10 through 8th grade.

I love that the conference and the bishop care so much for our pk's that they do a special retreat for them each year. The counselor's are grown up pk's.  
And the bishop comes to have lunch with them and gets to know the kids, too.

They talk to them about fishbowl life and other stuff that affect a pk.
This is the only picture I got.
It's Allie standing in front of her cabin.
Allie is always so concerned about being late and we were the first people there. HA.

She had a great time and was all smiles when I picked her up on Sunday.
She made some new pk friends and they will all get together again in June at Annual Conference.

That same weekend, Maggie and Lillie were to have their first mock meet in gymnastics.
Poor Maggie woke up with the stomach bug that day.
So, I stayed home with my sick girl and Daddy took Lillie to her meet.

He took lots of pics for me of her showing off what she has learned in her short 6 months of gymnastics.

Clearly, she can do a mean bridge. 

She says the bars are her favorite!!

I'm so glad that hubs took pics for me and I'm glad that there will be another event like this in June so Maggie will get to participate.

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