Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two on Tuesday

Today has  been a super busy  day.
I did get in some Jillian Michael's Yoga Melt down before dashing off to get some groceries.

Then I ran back home, picked up Brady and headed to Lillie's Heroes Fair at school.

The kids were all different American Heroes.
My girl was Helen Keller.
She was in costume.....
but she forgot to take off her headband.

Lillie did an excellent job sharing her presentation on Helen Keller and the pictures she gathered for her poster board.
All of the kids did a fantastic job!!

Then I came home for the last day of the Just One Conference.
It's an online conference for Pastor's Wives/ Women In Ministry.
It has been for the last three weeks (one day a week) and I've been hugely blessed and challenged by what they've been sharing with us.

The the girls arrived home and it was time for homework and making supper.

After supper, it was time to dash off to take Maggie and Lillie to gymnastics.

Once we made it back home, Ken and I did a special devotion with the girls.
We shared with them about Shrove Tuesday {which is today!} and what it means to us as Christians.
And we talked a little bit about what to expect tomorrow night at our Ash Wednesday Service and why we do what we do.
Then we celebrated with some King Cake!

Brady was already in bed, but the girls loved it.

It's been a super long and hard day
but it ended on a sweet note.
Both physically and spiritually.

Have Shrove Tuesday everybody!

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