Monday, February 4, 2013

Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party

This past Friday , a group of Mama's and girls traveled to Raleigh for the Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party.
We got these girls out of school about 12:30, let them get their pj's on,  met at the church and loaded in the church van and one other car.

We traveled to Raleigh and ate supper at Moe's and headed on over to the event.
We got there a little early.
Here are pics of all the Mom's and girls  as we waited.

None of us really knew what to expect as we had never been to a Secret Keeper Girl Event.
But when it started, we all had so much fun.
Just like every pajama party you've ever been to, 
there were games. --

lots of singing and dancing....

lots of laughing and even a {modesty} fashion show!

There was  story about the King and his Son who loved the beautiful princess and came to rescue her {from her sins}.
And Suzy Weibel talked to us all {the moms, too} about the labels we carry around with us.
Things like ugly, unlovable and stupid.
We replaced those things with what God says about us.
He says that He is enthralled with our beauty.
He says that we are loved by Him.
And he says that He empowers us to do everything we were created to do.

 It was a phenomenal message for all of us.
When asked what they loved about this event, the girls all had wonderful things to say about the dancing!
When I asked what they learned though -- all of them explained to me in their own way that they learned that they are beautiful, loved, princesses who belong to the King of Kings!! 

It was truly a wonderful evening.

Local Folks -- Know a Mom and daughter aged 8-12 who you think would really enjoy doing something like this together?
Let them know that we will be doing something this spring just for them!!!
Be on the lookout for more information on 8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters!!

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