Friday, February 22, 2013

My Instagram Life -- 2.22.13

It's that time of the week again.
Here are the snapshots that I took this week with my phone!

Last Saturday afternoon we had a surprise snow!
The two pics on the right of this collage are the same spot.
Pics taken only about 30 minutes apart.... if that..

This was one of my favorite shots of the day.
I got a lot more good ones with my "real" camera.
Check them out here.

 And as the sun was setting that night I got this quick shot of the view from my front porch.
So pretty!

Sunday was church.
They had taken the cross from our Ash Wednesday service and set it up in the sanctuary.
What a reminder that we've named and nailed our "stuff" to the cross in preparation for Easter.

After church, we went to our favorite local Mexican place for lunch.
The last couple of times we've been there, we've been given so-papilla's for dessert.
They just bring them out.
No ordering them.
No charge.
We are trying to figure out if this is a special Sunday thing
or if it's just a new thing....
either way, we like it!!

By Sunday afternoon, this is all that was left of the poor leaning snowgirl.

On Monday night, hubs and I went out for a late Valentine's Day.
To my favorite -- The Melting Pot.

This was taken by one of the girls when we got home....
love it.
even if it is a bit fuzzy.

 Tuesday, I met my sweet friend and mentor for lunch in Boone, NC for lunch.
It is always a wonderful time of love and wisdom (for me, from her)!! 
Feeds my soul!
And on the way home, I stopped and got these.
They've fed my belly.
One too many times for breakfast this week.
Good thing there isn't one too close to my house!! 

I took this shot right before heading off the mountain.
Beautiful mountain top views!

And yet there was an incredible sunset in the valley that night, too!

On Wednesday, I was walking back across the street from church and got this shot of the sky.
LOVE it.

I found this on my pillow one night this week.
Always love surprises on my pillow.

Allie's fifth grade class is going to DC.
Hubs and I have struggled with the decision to let her to since we heard about it.
For various reasons.
She's only 11 being at the top.
Another big concern, though, has been cost.
The trip costs quite a lot.  
Definitely, too much for us to pay for me to go with her to DC.
Matter of fact, hubs said the other day that if the school continues this trip and all 3 of our girls go to DC in fifth grade that we could take our whole family (all 6 of us)  to DC for the same amount. =/
This has been the hardest decision to make, and we still aren't for sure for many reasons,
but our girl really  wants to go.
She wants to go so badly that she emptied her piggy bank and left this note offering it and her birthday money on her Daddy's desk.  

It's been a super busy week
Time to get back to it.
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laura b said...

All the snow pics are lovely! A nd lucky girl to go to Melting Pot. I haven't been there in forever. The cheese fondue is my favorite! Even more than the chocolate. Crazy, I know!

Cassi Brightforest said...

Great pictures and a busy week. That last picture would be hard to say no to.

Jessica said...

I love your snow shots. They inspire me to get my kids out in our big snow after school today for photo time! Their favorite. Ha. And I hear you on the DC trip. I'm thankful I don't have that decision to make with my 5th grade guy. I have a friend who opted out of the DC trip with her middle schooler and took her on a trip just the two of them to DC later. She said there were no regrets. Good luck!

LeeAnne said...

OM goodness - We were in Arkansas when Rick's class went to DC. He was 12 and in the 6th grade. He called us the first night, he had lost his wallet. (some lady from DC found it on the bumper of a car in the parking deck, money gone, but everything else in there). We did the same soul searching you and Ken are doing. The best advice we were given was this - You know your child better than anyone else. Each child matures at a different rate and if you think Rick is mature enough -let him go. There were chaperones on the trip - 1 adult per 4 children, so we let him go. He still looks at that picture that was taken on the White House steps and recounts everything ALL OVER again. You and Ken will make the right decision for Allie, whether it is to go or not to go.

{Steph} said...

Such beautiful pictures, Mindy! I wish we were just getting surprise snows here in Saskatchewan, Canada. :) Looks like a great week. God is so good, right?

Jodi said...

I love all your pics, the snow pictures are awesome!

I am also a new follower!


Laine said...

Glad ya'll had so much fun in the snow! Yes, I think we must live close since it was so similar!

Pam said...

Stopping by from InstaFriday :) Your blog is soo cute! Love the snow pictures!!!

Karen said...

That picture in the snow is great!