Friday, February 15, 2013

My Instagram Life - 2.15.13

The quick snapshots I take each week.
The ones where I either didn't have my camera with me, didn't have time to go get my camera or possibly was just too lazy to go get my camera.
Well, that or my plain old love for Instagram.
It could totally be that, too.....
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I saw the sweetest little purple crocuses popping up near my house this week.
Love them.
They are a promise of the warmth to come....

I have been searching for the perfect red lipstick.
It is maddening.
It is very hard to find the right shade of red.
I thought I had found it.....
but now, I'm not sure.
It was RED red in the tube.
On my lips it almost seems bright pink.
Not what I was looking for.......

I attended Miss Lillie's Heroes Fair this week.
She was Helen Keller.
She did a fantastic job sharing the facts she learned. 

Yesterday, after the kid all arrived home with their bounty of candy,
I found them in Brady's room doing this.
 It's the Great Candy Swap of 2013.

A new breakfast try this week.
An avocado with an egg baked inside it.
Pretty good!! 
And very healthy.
I did have to cook mine longer than the recipe says though....

One of the things I love to do with friends is sit and have a cup of coffee or tea with them.
I made myself a cup of vanilla almond tea yesterday and felt very sad that my best friend wasn't there to have a cup with me.....

My gorgeous Valentine's flowers!!
I am a sappy girl who loves getting flowers!! 

I made myself this delicious breakfast this morning.
A smoked salmon and herbed goat cheese omelet. 
Made with fresh from the coop eggs of a sweet church member.
Seriously, it was delish!
I am desperately trying to be better at eating breakfast.
An actual healthy breakfast, that is.
Not so many granola bars.....

You can join in the fun , too by heading over to Life Rearranged!!

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Kasey said...

Your food sounds amazing! The avocado with egg- YUM! Visiting from insta-Friday- thanks. have a great night!

Kasey said...

Oh yeah- I used to have trouble with my red lip stick looking pink so I started putting concealer on my lips to make them a neutral color then I add a brownish lip liner to cancel out any pink. the color in your natural lip color alters the red lip color. hope this helps!

Suzanne said...

That omelet looks amazing! I wish I woke up early enough during the week to attempt to make something like this.