Friday, February 1, 2013

My Instagram Life - 2.1.13

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life rearranged

I am trying to do better this year at not taking every picture with my phone.
Some things need to be captured with the 'big' camera.
But I do look the convenience of my phone and 
I love instagram.
SO - here is what our week has been like in Instagram pics.
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On Sunday, Maggie was still sick so hubby walked over to get the other three for church.
Brady went running and fell.....Luckily, neither his body nor his pride was hurt.
I was worried for a minute because he really doesn't like getting wet and his shoe came off in the fall so I know his sock must of been wet. But he carried on. 

This is the dress that Allie made for herself!!
I cannot sew but I am so thankful that my MIL is teaching my girls.
And I'm super proud of her!!  

Monday nights are the only night of the week that we sometimes don't have somewhere to be.
This past week was one of them.
We try to savor those nights.
Hubs was teaching the kids to play backgammon.
It was getting intense.

The weather this week has been crazy.
Cold to really warm back to super cold today.
This was taken on Tuesday when it was warm.
A gorgeous foggy sunrise.....

Wednesday afternoon, she came home from school and asked if the tooth fairy was real.
It was time to talk.
She no longer believes in the the fairy, Santa or the Easter bunny.
All of which she asked about.
It's kind of sad for me.
But she's super excited about the thought of getting to help with the Christmas shopping next year!!

I'm reading a book called Give Them Grace.
This is a quote from it.
If you haven't read it, you should.
Excellent and very challenging parenting book.
And this quote is oh, so true for me!!!

Lillie's American Girl doll had to go to the hospital.  
If you look at the pic in the upper right corner, you can see why.
She came back on Wednesday.
We were all very excited!!
And she looks beautiful.
Lillie insists on keeping her in the box she was sent back in.

Yesterday, this boy was finally feeling much better,
 so he and I had a lunch date to McAlister's.
And then we ran to Hobby Lobby to get some wreath making materials.

I came home and worked on the wreath and ran out of some materials so I had to go back for more.
That  {and the insane traffic} required a stop at Starbucks!!

Late last night, after bible study, I finally finished my wreath.
It is now in it's spot on my front porch.
I LOVE it!!!  
Will show you the whole thing tomorrow!

For now, I must go.
I am headed to volunteer in Maggie's classroom this morning.
Then home to get some things done before going to pick the girls up early from school.
We { along with 11 other Mamas and daughters from our church} are headed to this.

We are all super excited!
I will tell you all about it tomorrow!!!

Have a fantastic Friday, y'all!!


Jessica said...

The doll hospital! I've always wondered about how that works. She looks great and I love the little hospital gown! How sweet your daughter wants to keep her in the box :)

Suzanne said...

Your wreath looks great! And, Starbucks stops are a must..even in good traffic. ;)

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