Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let It Be

At church right now, I'm leading a bible study by Beth Moore called Jesus The One And Only,
I've done a lot of her studies and I'm here to tell you that this is one of my favorites.
My lesson tonight was on Jesus feeding the five thousand.
There was no food for the massive crowd and it was supper time.
One small boy had five loaves of bread and two fish.
Jesus took these few items and fed the multitudes.

Beth said this:

" Christ can perform  astounding wonders when we bring Him all we have"

And I was immediately convicted because I tend to give him only some of what I have.
And that isn't who I want to be.
I want to be used by Him for HIS glory alone.
So, tonight this is my prayer.

Let it be, Lord.
Let it be.

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Suzanne said...

This is such a great reminder. I'm the same way. Or, I'll "give" things completely to Him, only to snatch them right back.

Love, love, love Beth Moore studies.