Monday, February 18, 2013

Finally, A Snow Day!

Last Friday, I heard  the weather forecast.
It said that we had a slight chance of snow.
In North Carolina, typically a slight chance means the wind will shift or the moisture will break up over the mountains and it will turn out to be nothing.

So, I didn't think much of it.
On Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in the den doing my bible study when Maggie came in the room.
She happened to look out the window 
and exclaimed that it was snowing.

It was snowing. Hard!
Everyone came running to see.  
We went outside to check it out.
It was snowing so hard that you couldn't see 50 feet away.
There is a cemetery behind Lillie that you can hardly see because of how hard and fast the snow was coming down.

Since we haven't seen much snow in the last couple of years, the girls were so excited they
went outside in what they happened to be wearing at the time.

Even short sleeves.....

I convinced them to come put on some more clothes and we went out to play in the snow.
The snow man building began.

Maggie was so proud of her little snow man....

Unfortunately for her, Brady thought it looked like the perfect tower for kicking down.

Thankfully, everyone pitched in to build another one.

It snowed about 3 inches in an hour and it was even thundering outside.

The kids ran and played the whole time it snowed and for a while afterward.
They made {2} snowmen, had snowball fights,  and even made a giant snowball.

It was beautiful to see and so much fun for us!

The sunset through the trees....
see the little bit of pink there?

I love twilight anyway, but with snow?
It's breath taking.

It was such a wonderful day.
And now, bring on spring!!

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Suzanne said...

That's beautiful! Hasn't happened here since 1989, but I cross my fingers every year! ha