Monday, February 11, 2013

A {Short} Weekend Away

On Friday, two of my favorite friends and I headed for Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Because they live in a different town than me, I met them in Spartanburg, so we could ride the rest of the way down together.
By the time we met on Friday, we were famished so it was time to stop for supper.
We ended up choosing to eat at O'Charley's because Jenny had never been there and it was close by and easy access back to the interstate.

We made it to our condo in Hilton Head at about 10:30 PM.
Once we got all of our stuff inside, we quickly got to bed because we knew that Saturday was going to be an early morning.

We all rolled out of bed at about 6:15AM.
My friend, Kandi, is an awesome runner and she was running the Hilton Head Half Marathon that morning.
Here she is all ready to go!

 All smiles as she takes off!

While she was running, Jenny and I went to Panera Bread.
Me for coffee, of course. 
 Jenny had never been to Panera either {I think we've found a reason to travel more often!!}
But, she soon discovered the joys of the pastries and had a wonderfully sweet and chocolaty breakfast.

After the coffee and pastries, we went back to the condo for a few minutes and then headed back to the park.
We went directly to the finish line and shortly there after, Kandi came across the finish line.
Still smiling!!

Jenny with the medal......

Then it was time to head back to the condo for lunch.
After lunch and getting cleaned up, we headed to the beach.
It was low tide and there were lots of things to check out on the beach.

We saw several very large  jelly fish.

Lots of horseshoe crab shells....
do they grow out of the shells and then grow new ones?

A starfish....

And whatever this is.....
anyone know?
It looked very like a snake skin but very bunched up.....

On the way back, we stopped and took a lot of pictures.
I won't bore you with all of them. but here is one that we got some snowbirds to take of us together.

After our fun on the beach, we went back to the condo.
We enjoyed the hot tub for a bit and then we went into the sauna.
Y'all.  I have only been in a couple of sauna's in my life time but the ones I have been in were steamy and very warm.
This one was dry -- very dry and as hot as you know where.....
or at least as hot as I imagine it to be.
The best thing about the sauna was that an older couple came in there who had been married for 51 years.
The gentleman told us that and told us how lucky he was to have his wife.
It was the sweetest.
I learned all of that in the two minutes I was inside of the box o' suffocating heat.

Soon, it was time for supper and we went to The Crazy Crab.
We read that it was an island tradition and knew we had to go!
I had the lobster and it was delish.
But my favorite thing there were the fresh hot hushpuppies. 
And the view of the marsh.
Which I didn't take a picture of because I was too busy eating the hushpuppies!!

After supper it was back to the condo.
We spent the evening talking and sharing and laughing and praying.
And, if I'm honest, crying, too.
It was a sweet evening.  

On Sunday morning, we got up and got all packed up to head home.
First stop- Starbucks.
Then we were going to stop at the outlets at the Nike store to check out running gear
and at White House Black Market Outlet because hello? 
It's the best store ever and by adding Outlet to the sign, it makes us believe we are getting a great deal.
But, much to our chagrin, the outlets were not open yet. 
So, it was off to our next stop -- Target.
We discovered a Dick's Sporting Goods next door so we checked out the running gear there.

We headed home after that.
We stopped for lunch at the "Willy Wonka of Burgers" as one of the signs in the store said.
So, so good!!

All too quickly after that, we were back to my car and hugging goodbye.
It was a wonderful, though seemingly too short, weekend.

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