Saturday, February 16, 2013


Clearly, I'm failing at taking a picture a day everyday.
Somehow I missed a whole week. =/
Oh, well.

Just gonna start again.

2.10.13 ~ pics.

2.11.13 ~ Monday.....running errands so no pics.

2.12.13 ~  Tuesday.....Brady and I went to see Lillie at her Heroes fair. 
She did a great job!

I just got cracked up watching him.
He had his sisters ipod and headphones and was singing along with every song. 

2.13.13 ~ Ash Wednesday.
I had more errands to run and then the Ash Wednesday service.
Hubs did a beautiful  {and convicting} service.

2.14.13 ~ Thursday.... Maggie took pics when they gave me my Valentines gift.
I was {and am} super excited.
We are going to the Melting Pot on Monday!!!
And yep, that's my robe.  I was cold, so I put it on while I cooked supper....

and I know this is blurry.
But I still love it.

2.15.13~Friday.  Lazy day around here.  
It was warm enough in the afternoon to go outside with out coats and play.
The kids were out there for a while.
It was lovely.

2.16.13~ Saturday.
And this afternoon.....we looked out the window to find it snowing.
More on the snow day soon!
I've got lots of pics to share of the fun we had out there.....

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stitching under oaks said...

fun! It's hard to get those pics every day...some nights I sit down to read and realize I forgot to get a picture, then I'm prowling the house looking for something significant to take a picture of. Love Lilly's sweet!