Saturday, February 2, 2013


Another week of our lives in photos......still missed a day or two....;)  

1.27.13 ~ Sunday....had to stay home from church with Maggie.
I made laundry detergent and whole wheat sandwich bread and was a real Suzy Homemaker. 
So much so that I didn't take any pictures. dern.

1.28.13 ~ Monday - this little boy came home from school early with a fever. =(

1.29.13 ~ Tuesday - The weather was glorious and this boy was feeling much better.
We had a great time playing outside.

1.30.13~ Wednesday -- The boy woke up and threw up.
SO, no school for him again......
The girls tickets for Taylor Swift arrived.
They aren't excited at all....;)

Also on Wednesday, Lillie's American Girl doll arrived from the AG Hospital.
She was super excited as she has been counting the days since Elizabeth had to go a couple of weeks ago.

1.31.13~ Thursday -- Brady and I had a lunch date which I captured on my iphone and instagram.
I did take a couple of pictures of the wreath I was making.....and then I erased them....
I don't know what I was thinking.....

2.1.13~ Friday -- 16 of us Moms and daughters went to the Secret Keeper Girl event in Raleigh.
More on that to come!!
It was so very fun!

2.2.13~ Saturday-- Hubs needed to go to the Bookstore at Belmont Abbey, so we took the kids and drove over to Belmont where we lived for 7 years.
The campus of Belmont Abbey is beautiful!!

and just for good measure --
here is my wreath I made.
I took this pic this afternoon.
I do LOVE this burlap wreath.
I plan to take the heart off after Valentine's Day and figure out something for Easter.

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Suzanne said...

Sounds like a busy week! Yay for Taylor Swift tickets! I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm in my mid-20s and have tickets for April with my friends. :)