Monday, January 28, 2013

The Year of the Boot

I have a thing for boots. 
I also have a thing for high heels but they tend to get neglected in the winter.

I love wearing dress boots with my dresses to church on Sundays.
I tend to be cold all the time so boots help keep my feet warm.
I love them so much that I have both brown and black boots so they will go with whatever I'm wearing.
When I pulled out my boots back in October when it was finally cool enough to wear them, it became painfully obvious that I needed new boots.  

These are my brown boots. 
I have had them so long I don't even remember when I got them.
But it's been at least 7 years or so.....
They have served their purpose.
Look at these scuffed toes.

They are so old, they actually leak when it rains....

And, clearly I was rough on the heels....

I also had a pair of black boots.
I didn't have this pair as long.
Maybe two years....but the black ones get worn more.
Evidence in the toes....

 and look at the heels of these.....
I think I might have an issue with turning my heels out or something....

So, now - you agree that it was time for new boots!!
So, I took my Christmas/ Birthday money {my birthday is Christmas Eve}
and got some new boots!!
I searched for weeks and weeks for just the right ones.
{I think I might be too picky about boots,too}

I got these brown suede beauties on sale from The Loft.

And then my Mom sent me a text saying that Talbots had their boots on sale.
I got these black ones there.
They are no longer available. 

So, I finally had my dressy boots replaced and I already had casual black slouch boots that are very similar to these that I got last year for like $20 at Belk!! 
I wear them all the time.

But, black does not go with everything in my world.
The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really wanted some casual brown boots, too.
So, I was thrilled when the girls and I were shopping at Belk and I found these.  
Remember me saying I'm always cold?
These boots are fleece lined,  were on sale and I had a gift card!!
And now, I wear these all the time, too.

So, now you know why I have 4 pairs of boots in my closet 
and how it has become the year of the boot  
{ at least in my house}
But, clearly I needed them all......

DO you love boots as much as me?  
What are your favorites???

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