Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Swirling Thoughts

There are a million thoughts running around in my head tonight.
It started this morning before I even got out of bed 
and it's just been snowballing on to more and more things all day....

I cannot even begin to type them all up here there are so many of them.......

SO, for tonight, I'm going to leave your with this --
my devotion from Jesus Calling for today.
Which,  when I got around to reading today related with some of my swirling and gave me hope!

Strive to trust me in more and more areas of your life.
Anything that tends to make you anxious is a growth opportunity. 
Instead of running away from these challenges, embrace them, eager to gain all the blessings I have hidden in the difficulties.
If your believe that I am sovereign over every aspect of your life, 
it is possible to trust Me in all situations.
Don't waste energy regretting the way things are or thinking about what might have been.
Start at the present moment -- accepting things exactly as they are -- and search for My way in the midst of those circumstances.
Trust is like a staff you can lean on, as you journey uphill with Me.
If you are trusting Me consistently, the staff will bear as much of your weight as needed.
Lean on, trust and be confident in Me with all of your heart and mind.

1 comment: said...

We spend so much of our time making decisions, choices, trying to decide what to do... and part of following God is turning from OUR ways, and giving ourselves over to Him - so none of these things do we need to do anymore. He WILL direct our path (He promised He would). I've only recently really realized my own selfishness and how I constantly pull my will back and try to run my own life - it doesn't go very well...