Monday, January 14, 2013

Songs that Inspire Worship

Yesterday, I was driving along listening to the radio.
And singing along.
Because I always sing along.

And then a song came on that changed the singing along to real, heart felt worship.

It was From The Inside Out by Hillsong --

That got me thinking about how there are songs that sometimes inspire me to worship. 
By that I mean that at that point in time this song speaks to my particular situation at that time.

But then, there are songs that always inspire me to worship.

Here's my short list of songs that always inspire worship.
Deep down in my soul worship!! (including the one above)

David Crowder's "Oh, How He Loves Us"
without -- the sloppy wet kiss line.
No offense to the guy who wrote the song and did it originally --
I just find that line a bit.....disrespectful?  

Be Thou My Vision
by whoever is singing it at the time.
But I do love 4Him's version!!!

Come Thou Fount.
Again, by whoever is singing it!

What songs inspire that deep down in your soul kind of worship in you??

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