Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Intagram 365.3 Life

life rearranged

So, we've been rather busy this week so I'm sharing my 365.3 and my instagram photos all in one post.  

1.12.13 -- This is The Queen of Hearts and Alice putting on a play for us at the girls sleepover last Saturday.
It was a great play that they worked hard to make up for us and I loved that Maggie made herself a crown.
At this point, it had fallen over.
Also, instead of asking Alice if she wanted to play croquet, 
this Queen asked Alice to play Mini Golf. =)

1.13.13 -- On Sunday morning I woke up to the most incredible sunrise.

 On Sunday afternoon, we took our friend Erin back to meet her Mom.
She and Allie had a wonderful weekend together and we were honored to have her.
The two of them formulated a plan to see each other once a month.
Too bad it's another 5 years before either of them can drive.
Wait a minute!!! 
It's only 5 years til they can drive?!?!?

 1.14.13 -- On Monday, I finally got out my Valentine's Decorations.
Which on my 9 foot long mantle look pretty pitiful.
I need to figure out how to make it better.......

1.15.13 --On Tuesday, I went to get groceries at The Fresh Market.
This store is beautiful.
Cheese case, olive bar, fresh organic meats, and incredible flowers.
And they had some great sales going on.
I think I will 
be going back often!!
I guess I was too enthralled to take a real picture that day....

1.16.13 -- Wednesday was a busy day.
My amyrillis was blooming and I got this shot of it.
And then the next day, it got too heavy and fell off the mantle.
Smashed to tiny pieces ......=(

 I watched Brady at Fit Kids at Preschool.
SO fun!!

Our friend Cassie came to visit us on Wednesday.
We love it when she stops by.

 1.17.13 --On Thursday I caught this boy playing hard with his cars.
Love seeing glimpses like this......

I spent most of Thursday working on my bible study all day.
But then had to cancel it due to the snow......

1.17.13 -- Too bad we only woke up with a dusting of snow Friday morning.
We were, however, happy to see the sun as it rained every other day this week.
It was enough snow to cancel school for the day.
Which worked out for us because all of our kids were going out of town for the weekend. 

Once we got all the kids to their respective places for the long weekend,
I came back home to commence my long weekend at home with my hubby.
We went to dinner and to see Les Mis last night.
It is an amazing movie!!!

1.20.13 - Today - Saturday -- I took no pics. 
Too busy enjoying our weekend.  
The kids come home on Monday....
Until then, back to our kid free relaxing weekend!!!

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