Friday, January 4, 2013

My Instagram Life

life rearranged

These are the moments I captured on Instagram this week.  

We headed home from Georgia on Saturday morning, Dec 29.
We stopped for lunch and our friends, Kandi and Olivia joined us.
Which led to Brady's first sleepover.
He spent the night with his buddy Olivia.
In Cullowhee.
Three hours from  me.
But word has it he slept better there than he does here.
They had a grand time together!  
They love each other so much!!!

A beautiful sky......

 Brady playing with his new pirate ship in front of the Christmas tree.
That tree came down the next day.
And Brady was up waaaayyyyy past his bedtime.

New Year's Day.
I made the traditional New Year's Day meal.
It was delicious!! 
My family even liked it pretty well.
It helps when you add a whole lot of ham to the peas and bacon to the collards. =)/

My first shot at this bread....
As I said -- it didn't rise as well as I had hoped.....

And because I'm working on my vanity issues --
I'm sharing this picture of me getting my hair done today.
I look forward to hair appointments so much.
I love, love, love getting my hair done.  
Is it just me?  

I didn't take a whole lot of instagram pics this week.
Linking up with Life Rearraged!!
Tune in tomorrow and I will share my first {part of a} week of my new 365 project!

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Stephanie said...

I had the same dinner! : ) Looks like you had a great wk!