Saturday, January 26, 2013

My instagram 365 Life Take 2

I am failing horribly at remembering to take pictures.  
It really bums me out because I so wanted document the little moments.
I guess the little moments are keeping me from taking pics.....
Good thing I can always start again.....Hopefully I will do better this week. 
1.20.13 ~ Sunday ~  I wore my new dress and shoes to church on Sunday.
I love  this outfit. 
Though, I really don't like this picture of me in it......
 I also got to meet my sweet friend, Courtney for supper.
She was on her way back home and we got to meet at one of my favorite restaurants, Pomodoro's.  
They have gluten free pasta, so Courtney could eat there, too!
It was so great to catch up with her!

1.21.13 ~ Monday~  I drove down to meet my sister and pick up Lillie.
We had a great lunch together.  {why I didn't take a picture at lunch I'm not sure.}
On the way home, Lillie and I stopped at the Pottery Barn Outlet.
Lillie decided to spend the rest of her money on a new quilt for her bed.  
It's super cute and she got a great deal on it.
Though, I don't think the black toile goes anymore.....
 We had to order the pillow sham online.
You can get them both here on sale!!

We also had a package from my grandmother with scarves for Lillie, Maggie and myself 
{she gave Allie her scarf when we were there at Christmas}
I just love it!!! 
And love that it was handmade by my Granny even more!!

1.22.13~ Tuesday ~  Brady and I hung out at home.  We took this picture of he and Snow for a school project we were doing for him.
I cannot believe how much they've both grown in the last few months!!

1.23.13~ Wednesday ~  I had to go get groceries so that was my morning. Then I picked up B from school.  Came home and did some housework, then it was time to get the  girls.  Then, it was homework, supper, bath and bedtime for kids. Then collapse myself. ;)

1.24.13 ~Thursday..... no pics.  It was a crazy busy day, too.  I worked at lot on preparing for my bible study.  It was a wonderful evening. 

1.25.13~ Friday~ The kids went to school and were dismissed at 8:45AM due to sleet and freezing rain.
So, we came home, { did a little housework}, and after lunch, we put on our pj's 

and had pajama day ....

since we were iced in.

And a couple of us napped.....

 We also enjoyed the fire a lot!!!!

I also made  Brioche Buns to go with our Turkey Joe's for supper.
They were delish!!

1.26.13 ~ Saturday.  It's been a pretty lazy day here at home. Ken, Allie, Lillie and Brady went to lunch at his Mom's house. His sister was there, so it was a great visit.  But,  I've been hanging at home with Maggie who is running a fever. =(

That's my week.
Let's hope I can do better for both of these posts this week.....{grin}

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Carolynn Markey said...

that is a very beautiful dress, and a very fluffy kitty :) :)