Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For the LOVE {of Pinterest} !!

Do you love Pinterest? 
I do! 
 I know that for some folks that Pinterest is just another thing to waste time.
 For me - it is total organizing awesomeness!
 I am the girl who for years had a notebook FULL of ideas torn out of magazines and printed off the computer. They were even in page protectors and categorized.
 SO, you can see why a virtual notebook (or pinboard as it were) would be perfect for me!!!

Today, I'm joining up with The Vintage Apple for

Its my first time to join this link up but I think it is great fun!!!
SO, without further ado.
Here are somethings I've pinned lately.

I am so totally doing this!!
Air freshener made with  cute little ball jars, baking soda, essential oils?
Easy and if you have never smelled the Sweet Orange Essential Oil, you are missing out.
It smells heavenly and I can't wait til  my  whole house smells like it.

Last year, the kids and I had great fun 
making their Valentines from Pinterest ideas. 
I have been looking for more ideas for this year. 
 I found these just this morning.
 I am hoping at least one (or four) of my kids will want these as their Valentines!!

Have you seen Les Mis yet? 
 If not, you should go.
 It was awesome.
 I will see it again! 
These two were some of my favs in the movie. 
Choosing Bellatrix LeStrange to play Mrs. Thenardier was a brilliant casting decision!!

I love this very natural looking eye!
 If someone could find me the perfect eye shadows and show me how to make it look just like this on me,
 I will give them a million bucks. 
Well, not really a million bucks cause I don't even have five bucks, 
but I would be ever so grateful!!

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

I have the perfect spot for this wreath on my front porch.
 I am going to make it -- but I want it to be much bigger. 
 I don't know how large a wreath form I can find - do they come in say 24 inch size???
 At any rate -- I will be making one of these asap! I will share the finished product if I don't fail miserably.

That's it for this Wednesday!
 Hope that you guys have a great one. 
The weather here is the south is nasty today.
 In my little area, the wind is picking up and there are supposed to be storms all afternoon and evening.
 All of my kids dislike storms, but my Maggie is terrified of them. 
 So, if you think of it -- say a prayer for her today.


Pamela said...

Love the burlap wreath!!

Suzanne said...

Ahh, Les Mis is the best, right? I've already seen it twice! Also, I made one of those burlap wreaths last year, and I am soo lacking in artistic ability. (It's super easy). :)

Have a blessed week!