Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Morning

Word has it that Santa finished his business at about 3:45AM around here.  
It might have had something to do with a pirate ship......that had 176 small pieces.  
The kids woke up around 7.  

We are terrible parents who insist that our kids come get us before they go running in to see what Santa brought.  
Mostly because Santa doesn't wrap gifts at our house and since they only receive three gifts, they'd be done with all the excitement before we caught up if we didn't have them come to us first.

SO, they did come get us up and I made a mad dash to the den to get my camera and snapped four quick pics before they ran in.

Brady's gifts.....
a pirate ship - with an island that Santa left for dad to put together.
A  new piece to his Rockenbok set.
And black cowboy boots.

Maggie's gifts......
Grey slouch boots that I hear Justice is now carrying.
An iPod.
And a ticket to see Taylor Swift.
Well, the ticket didn't actually arrive -- Santa left a letter.
Since the concert isn't until September, the tickets will be arriving at a later date.

Lillie's gifts.....
McKenna - the American Girl doll of the year.
New sparkly silver boots.
and a letter to her saying she, too, would be going to see Taylor Swift.

Allie's gifts....
A letter that she would see Taylor Swift in September.
New boots.  They are  quilted on the sides.  Love them.
And Kaya's (her AG doll) Tepee.

And then they dashed down the hallway......

Taking it all in.....

The girls opening their letters.....

Allie read it out loud so Dad and I would know what it was all about....

Lillie and McKenna

Brady was super excited to find a batman t-shirt in his stocking.

This is Allie opening Snow's stocking.....
Yep. We had to have a stocking for the cat.
She's beginning to get expensive.
But, the kids love her so much that it is worth it.
Plus, she's pretty cute.

I love to see what my kids make/get for their siblings each year.  
This is a peace sign that Lillie painted for Maggie.
Allie used her birthday money back in October and bought both of her sisters a set of earrings.
She is so very thoughtful.  
Maggie had drawn pictures of for everyone from her and Brady.
She wrote words to describe everyone on the pics.
It was very sweet.

While I finished breakfast, the kids all checked out the new iPod....

Our Christmas Breakfast was delicious.
It is becoming a tradition to have homemade cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole for this meal.
We've had this breakfast for the past two years.
We will continue this tradition!!

After breakfast, we did our last Advent devotion and found Baby Jesus in our Advent Calendar.
Reminding us all what this season is really all about!!

We then loaded up the car and were on our way to Georgia for more Christmas 
by noon, which I will share tomorrow.

We all had a truly blessed Christmas Morning.  Hope you did, too!


Elaine said...

Love the pics Mindy!

mimisworkshop said...

Just love the pictures