Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas in Georgia

I promise this is the last Christmas post.  

We headed out to Georgia on Christmas day around noon and arrived just in time for supper at Grammy and Granddaddy's house.  
The kids couldn't wait til time to open gifts so we opened them right after supper.

Brady digging in!

This is my step sister, Lauren, reading one of the books we got him to her sweet little boy.
Moo, Baa, La la la -- is an absolute favorite around here.
We can all quote it word for word. =)
And, I just love this picture.  JP looks like he loves it, too!

Lauren and Seth got the kids these great cups with their names on them.
LOVE them!

These two sweeties were really a bit too young to care this year.....but just wait til next year!!

Allie got some new pj's to match her American Girl doll....

The girls also got these great lap desks.  

Grammy and Granddaddy opening their gifts....

He got a light saber, or as he called it an "ice saber" from Aunt Ginger and Uncle Tim.
Great gift until he whacks you with it. ha!

We loved getting to see these sweet babies again

The next night we did Christmas with Nana and PaPa.  
The girls got some new Bath and Body bath gel and lotion.
Some of their favorites!

And he got a skateboard.  =)

and this helmet.
Which he refuses to wear at this time.....
but I think it lends itself to the skater boy look.....

All of the kids got new sleds. 

Now, if it will just snow here in the south -- we'd all be happy to use them!!

I just love this picture.
I think Lillie was telling PaPa about her new sparkly boots.

This is my brother.
My kids love getting to spend time with him when we are in Georgia!

and everyone enjoyed the baby time!!

We really had a great week in Georgia.
We got to visit with lots of family
and Ken and I even got to go to supper one night with some of my friends from  Camp Lookout.  
It was a lot of fun and a great week together!!

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