Saturday, January 12, 2013


We had a gathering with some of our clergy friends.  
It is always so good to get together with other clergy couple who can really identify with our lives.
And for our kids to be with other pk's.

1.6.13 ~ Sunday.....
Have I ever mentioned how much I love chips and salsa?

  1.7.13 ~ Monday.....I didn't take a picture.....too busy running errands
By the time I remembered to take a picture it was too late.

1.8.13~ Tuesday.....Miss Lillie had a stomach bug....

1.8.12 ~ Wednesday....Brady loves Snow.
Snow does not love Brady as much.
He picks at her too much...

1.9.13 ~ Thursday....It was a beautiful day outside on Thursday.
66 degrees and sunny.
Brady and I spent some time outside. 

1.11.13 ~ Friday....
Sleepover night at our house for Lillie's birthday.

1.12.13 ~ Saturday......Miss Lillie is 8!!

We had cookie cake with the girls from our sleepover this afternoon....

and then opened a few gifts....
McKenna's Accessories from us.
She was super surprised!! 

We're excited to have our friend, Erin, here from Sylva this weekend, too.  =)

That's my 365 --  week 2.  
Hope you've had a good week, too.

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