Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday .....{in pictures}}

Today was our little town's annual festival called "Greening Up The Mountains"
So, we spent most of today enjoying that!
Maggie was dancing so, first we went to watch all the dancers....

 Miss Maggie loves dance and was excited that her class was dancing today.

 She did a GREAT job!!!

After the dancing, Brady had a meltdown, so we had to go home for a few minutes. Luckily, we live downtown so we just walked!  We then walked back down when he had calmed down.
We ate some lunch and Brady got to go on the big slide.

They came back and he looked like this.....
SO, hubs took him home for a nap,

We walked around the festival and then it was time to come home.
Allie had a great day with her friend, Erin!

We came home for a bit and then went to see these two beautiful girls all ready  for prom tonight.
 On the walk back home, I took this pictures of our courthouse.
Isn't it pretty?

We have loads of family in town this weekend.
Granddaddy and Nana LeeAnne, Grammy and Granddaddy, and Aunt Ginger are all visiting.
We went to supper at Fat Buddies {the best BBQ places EVER!!}

After supper, it was home for baths and bedtime.
Grammy rolled Maggie and Allie's hair and will do Lillie's with hot rollers in the morning.
They are very excited about curls.

It's been a SUPER busy Saturday.  
Hope you've had a great one, too!!!

in HIM-

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Sweet Honor

Tonight, I had the sweetest honor of being invited to attend this.....

I was incredibly honored to be Jenny's guest and this event!!!

It was a beautiful evening.
Lovely dinner, a very motivational speaker, and time spent with my sweet young friend.  

This is the whole group of teaching fellows who are graduating this year.

 Jenny and I thought it would be fun to have our picture made in front of these decorations.....
That is until clumsy me hit it and the feathers came flying out!!!

 Me and Jenny again.

This is my friend Emily.

.I think these two girls and their roommate, Cassie,  are incredible.
I love them so much! They keep me young.  Having them in my life is a blessing that I can never explain to them.  I'm very proud of them.  
These two have worked hard at Student Teaching this semester and I know they will be awesome teachers!

As I said before, It was an honor to be Jenny's guest at this banquet.
I was humbled that she asked me to come at all because she was to select someone who had been a mentor to her.  
THIS is even more humbling.....

It was a blessed evening!
Thank you, Jenny, for inviting me!!!

in HIM-

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Beauty

My most favorite season is by far the Fall but not to far behind is Spring!!  Today as I drove into my driveway I noticed all the beautiful things in my yard that were blooming.....Enjoy the Spring Beauty!

Climbing Roses.....

I don't even know what these are but they popped up in a planter I have.

The azalea's are almost gone. But these are still pretty.


The Mountain Laurel is beautiful...This one is a pale pink...

I love the purple one!

The red one is about to bloom!

A darker pink with a bee! =)

I've said it before but I will say it again. SO blessed to live in this beautiful place.    I love Spring!!!

in HIM-

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Touch of Tuesday {Random Thoughts}

*It's been a pretty run of the mill kind of Tuesday around here......I've done some laundry as I do almost every. single. day.  But I've found I would rather do a load or two daily than try and do it all in one day!

* Last week, I told you that I made my own cleaners. I also learned from the same website that  one can make a good comet type cleaner out of dawn dishsoap and baking soda.  I put it to the test on my stove today.  I took the burners out and the drip pans out and did some scrubbing.  Good news! It works really well!!!!

* I was thinking  today about hand written notes.  I love to receive them and send them.  I've got some that I need to write even as I type!!  I guess I am a typical Southern girl in regards to sending notes.  But I will admit that the rule of 10 days seems to elude me.....Better late than never is what I say! =)

*I am making a BIG effort to get my family to eat healthier.  It. is. tough with this group. They are a picky lot.  I'm trying to implement {still} a meatless night once a week.  Tonight I made red beans and rice.  No one complained.  But none were overly thrilled any really good vegetarian recipes you wanna share?

*Also lately, I've been pondering the lack of respect in our society for anyone in authority.  I feel like I see it everywhere.  Kids in schools have no respect for their teachers.  Adults done have respect for their bosses, the police, their pastor.......And since the adults in their lives have no respect for anyone in authority over them, their children have no respect for....anyone?  This is a soapbox issue for me.  The lack of respect in the world.  What do y'all think.  DO people lack respect for authority these days or is it just me?

*Lastly, book club was supposed to be tonight.  But I'm glad it got rescheduled to next week because I am very , very far behind on my reading.  Mostly because what we are reading is very hard {for me} to read.  We are reading this:

We are doing it in sections {thank goodness}  -- but I still need to finish reading The Inferno by next Tuesday.  Part of the problem is I have this need to know who all the people are that Dante see's in Hell.   So, with looking up all the people, places and creatures, not to mention the language it's written in,  the reading is sloooowwww going.  The good thing it that I do find it really interesting so it does keep my attention.  At least until I start to feel like my head is going to explode.

So, I'm off to eat a small snack and read some of this book!!!

in HIM-

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Do I Know of Holy?

Our 9:12 praise band played a song this morning that truly moves me.
In a way that most other songs do not.
I cry {almost blubber} every.time. I hear it....

The more I come to know about God....
the more I come to know how little I know!!!


what do I know of holy?????

in HIM-

A Full Day......

equals a full heart!!!

Today, I got up early to go do some training for this year's vbs.  
I came home for an couple of hours and then went back to church for an Alzheimer's Benefit we were hosting.
The best band in the world played!
They were awesome as usual.
They are, after all, the best band in the world.
{Our 9:12 Praise Band!!!}

This is the sweet lady who the benefit was in honor of.  
he loved dancing to the music!

Then I got to attend Girls Night Live in Asheville with some wonderful ladies.
Anita Renfroe was there.
She is just so funny.
I laughed until I ached.
And after, Anita was Laura Story.
Y'all. I loved her!!! 
She sang beautifully!  

They had a short message about the privilege and responsibility of being born in America.
We are blessed to have so much and God expects us to take care of those who don't have what we have.
Three of the ladies I went with tonight signed with Feed The Hungry to do just that!!!

 It was a wonderful evening. Loads of fun. Incredible Worship. 
Thanks Ladies!

Headed to bed with a full heart!!
in HIM-

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Instagram Friday

life rearranged

Here is my Instragram life this week!

We took these two little people to the aquarium this past week.
They had a great time.
And they really enjoyed the "special treat" for dessert at lunch!!!

Brady drew this picture this week.
It's the first time I've seen him draw something that was more than a scribble.
He said it was a smiling giant with one eye.

I love this picture.
He loves it when his sisters ride the bus home.
And he loves watching for the bus to arrive!!!

I love new shoes.  
And these? They are called Hawaii Sunset!
Aren't they just great for summer!?!?!  

All of my little people helping pick up sticks and the trimmings from the trees their Daddy was cutting.

Tonight was Panini night at our house. 
Some Fridays are pizza but tonight was panini's.... I like to keep it simple on the weekends.  
What do you do for supper on Friday Nights?

Not much excitement around here this week.
We've just been doing our daily routines and some how it's Friday again.....
Hope you had a great week!!!

in HIM-