Saturday, December 22, 2012

The First of Christmas 2012

Today was our first Christmas Celebration of the year.
We traveled to Ken's dads house for lunch.
The kids were super excited to get to open gifts.
The girls got these great vests from their favorite store


from their Aunt Tamara and Uncle Barry.

And Brady got this great farm set with trucks and a forklift
and bales of hay. 

Then came letters from Santa.
The girls each had a letter saying that he'd asked Granddaddy and Nana to help him with a special surprise that he will be bringing them on Christmas.

This is what they got in their boxes.....
Their definitely excited and can't wait to see what Santa is bringing now.....

Oh, and I got one, too...... ;)

Then Brady got a letter  from Santa saying that he'd already made plans for what he was bringing so he asked Nana and granddaddy to take care of this gift.

Brady started unwrapping and someone said "what is it?"
He said, "A box!"

However, inside the box was  spiderman horn.....
then they rolled out the new orange  bike he wanted.
He was a bit intimidated at first, preferring to just push it.
He finally got on it though and got the hang of it.  

It was a wonderful day with family.
The kids have gone to bed with visions of more gifts to come tomorrow and several more times next week.

Luckily I will do my best to remind them what Christmas is all about....
definitely more than just gifts.

BUT, I'm having a blast seeing their sweet happy smiles!!

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LeeAnne said...

I can honestly say - it was one of our very best Christmas'. Randy and I talked about it after you went home! We will have to do it again!!!!