Monday, December 17, 2012

Have You Any Room for Us?

Last night was our Children's Christmas program at church.
We did a play called "Have You Any Room for Us?"
and the kids did a wonderful job.
Here are some pics from our evening.....

Jack the king....

Cole the sheepdog.
This was my most favorite costume of all.   

My Maggie was Mary.

sweet girls.....

This is Brady and his buddy, Hogan.
Two of our sheep

Allie was the innkeepers wife...... 
These two had the most lines and they did a fantastic job!!! 

Lillie was one of the narrators.
Here she is with some of the other narrators.

These two are natural actors.
They were Mrs. Ox and Baby Ox.....

A cute little donkey and his cute little brother, a sheep.

The sheep on stage....
I think they were over it by this point....

I tried to get a shot of everyone from the front row, but I still think I cut a few people off.

I borrowed some of these pics from my friend Mandy.
This is one of them.
She got this great shot of my four together.  

The kids have worked so hard on this play  for the past couple of  months.
I am so proud of them.
Their hard work paid off. It showed how hard they had worked last night.
The play was wonderful!!

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