Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disney Trip - Days 5-7

On Wednesday, we went to Epcot.
I love Epcot.
I love the countries.
I could spend all day just eating my way around the world!!

But, for the sake of my waist line,  I only tried a few things. =)
We actually spent the morning doing all of the rides at Epcot.

Brady loves Pluto. And on the way out that early afternoon,
We tried to get a got shot but the sun was in his eyes.....

We went back to do "the countries" around 4.  
In Canada, there's a phone booth.  

As the sun set, we were standing in line to see Jasmine.
I got this picture of the "Eiffel Tower" across the water.....

Jasmine and Aladdin were in Morocco, of course.

We made it around to all of the countries and then went to our dinner reservations in Mexico.
The food was delish!!

On Thursday, we headed to Animal Kingdom.

The Animal Kingdom Tree.....

 The safari ride is one of my favs.
Here are some of the animals we saw......

We rode all of the rides and saw all the shows. I didn't take a lot of pictures on this day.
Here is a picture from my favorite ride though.
The River Rapids ride!!!  
Hubs doesn't like to get wet so he took this pic!!
The rest of us had a blast!! and poor Brady (if you can't tell) got soaked!!

On Friday, we went back to Magic Kingdom.
I was so excited to see that they had added more Christmas decorations.
So pretty!

We re rode our favorite rides.....

 and saw a few more of our favorite characters....

and even met a new character.....

Splash Mountain.....Granddaddy and Lillie are in the back.
Ken, Brady (who you  can't see because he was ducking) and Maggie are in front of them....

It's A Small World....

One last shot of THE castle.....

and one more family photo.....

Bye, Bye Disney!!
See you in a few more years.....

We had a great trip!!!  Can't wait to go back.
(Well, maybe I can wait a while....)

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Wendy said...

Fun pictures!! Love the ho, ho, ho shirts!