Monday, December 3, 2012

Disney Trip- Days 1 -3

3 kids and I left home on Saturday morning and drove to meet my inlaws at the Disney Resort in Hilton Head, SC.
It was a beautiful place!

We had a great time spending one night there.
We saw  fun magic show and loved  looking at the marsh

and the wildlife.

Before we left Sunday morning, I took this picture when we walked out on the dock one last time.

We drove the rest of the way to Old Key West Resort, where we are staying yesterday.
Hubs and Allie flew down yesterday afternoon and my FIL picked them up.  
After supper with the family, Nana LeeAnne and I went to get groceries for us for the week.

This morning, we were off to Disney's Hollywood Studios.
This is the first Character we saw.  
We got the Green Army Man's Autograph!

This is when I tried to get a shot of the kids.
Too much sun I think.

We saw Lightening McQueen and Mater.....

We rode lots of rides.  Last time we came to here all three of my girls rode on the Tower of Terror.
This time, only Lillie would ride and she was NOT happy when she got off..... =)

We even saw the Pixar Parade this afternoon.

The princess waved at us.

Attempt at a family pic.  
Poor Lillie got squished....
We'll try again.....but I do like this picture.

After leaving the park, the kids were begging to go swimming.
Since it was in the 70s, we said yes.
They had a blast for about an hour!

We had a great time at Hollywood Studios.

Today's Favorite Rides:

Allie and Lillie - Toy Story Mania
Brady -  The Star Wars Experience
Maggie - The Rocking Roller coaster - she was the only one who rode it.

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Wendy said...

Every time you post something from Disney and Drennan sees it he'll say, "No I can't look at that!" haha. We so want to go back. I'm anxious to see more pictures and hear about the parks you went to. :)