Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Disney Trip -Day 4 - Magic Kingdom

I had this grand idea that I would blog every night of our trip as we went to each park.
And I did great blogging about our first day in a park.
And then, all the walking in the parks caught up with me and I went to bed at 9PM every night for the rest of  the week!!!

So, here is day 4 of our trip.
Our first day in the Magic Kingdom.

First of all. We arrived at the park with the sun.

We went in a rode a couple of rides and then saw Alice and The White Rabbit.
It was our first character sighting of the day.

 I took a lot of pictures with characters but I won't bore you with all of them. 
Only some of them.... =)


Then we went back to riding everything in Fantasy land....
The carousel is always a favorite!

We saw chip and dale....
and we were apparently the last to see him for that session --
so they made a train on the back of Ken....

There are two new princesses since our last visit at Disney.
Tiana is one of them.
Brady decided he didn't care to have his picture made with princesses.

We took a break from the rides and got some ice cream....

and sat on Main Street to watch the parade.

 A floral Mickey head for Christmas......

The band started the parade.

and then Mickey and Minnie, of course.....

This fox (from Pinocchio)
jumped in Allie's face.
I was sitting too close to get both of them in the picture.
But I wish you could have seen her face.....

I loved looking at the kids faces as they were watching the parade.

The other new princess:

And to end our day ---- MICKEY!!!!

Lastly, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pics I took throughout the day....

The castle and balloons....

a close up of balloons while the lady was standing over me....

And, lastly, my family.
Brady didn't like the sun in his eyes.

We had a great first day at Magic Kingdom.
More of our trip to come tomorrow.

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