Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012 - part 2

On Sunday, Dec 23, we celebrated Christmas at out house with Nana and Grandpap.
They had both been sick so we had a quick pizza lunch and opened gifts.

This is Brady's gift.
Big Boots.
I had never heard of it but he knew exactly what it was.
Apparently, he and Nana have been to Target several times and have played with this.....
There are little people with this truck who have big boots and remind me of weebles....they wobble but they don't fall down.
It also came with a dinosaur.
Because dinosaurs and men who travel on a truck that can eject them are soooo from the same time period.
He loves it!

Allie got Molly's party dress.
Just what she asked for!
She may be 11, but she loves her American Girl dolls and I'm happy for it!

Lillie got McKenna's performance set.
She was hoping that Santa would bring McKenna (the American Doll Girl of the Year)!!

Maggie got Argos -- Marie Grace's (also an American Girl) dog.
Just what she asked for, too!
{Sorry for the blurry pics}

Later that afternoon we went Christmas Caroling with the church.

It was really a lot of fun!

 Singing to our friend, Kelly, who is still in quarantine   

After we finished singing we headed back to church to eat supper.
Taco Salad.  It was delish!!!

Our friends, Kerri and Manning had told us about a couple of houses in a nearby neighborhood where they had Christmas lights on a timer to music.
We went to check it out after supper.....

The next day was Christmas Eve.
Jenny and Tripp met us for lunch and came back to our house for a visit.
We always love having them visit!

Christmas Eve was also my birthday.
Allie took a lot of pics of me unwrapping my present.
A Dick's Sporting Goods Gift card.
Hubs said he wasn't about to try and pick out running clothes for me himself.
SO, I get to go do it myself!! YEAY!!

The kids and I went to two of the three Christmas Eve services.  
Our Associate Pastor, Linda, did the earliest service.
It was a Family Service. The kids sang and Linda shared a wonderful Christmas story.

Hubs did the 8 and 11 pm candlelight services.  He shared a great message on how the light always conquers the darkness.
Before he went back to church for the 11 pm service, and just before getting the kids tucked in their beds, we did our Advent reading for the night.

Then we got the kids in bed, hubs went back to church,
and I did some cooking for Christmas morning and finished wrapping gifts.

Long, but great day......
Tune in for Part 3, soon!!

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