Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fall Trail/Trunk or Treat 2012

Last Wednesday, our church hosted a Trunk or Treat/ Fall Trail.  
That is where we spent our Halloween.
Here are this years costumes....

Maggie was Cleopatra.

Allie really wanted to be a farmer.
We couldn't find any overalls.
So, she decided to wear her Laura Ingalls costume.
Then she decided since her hair wasn't braided {I offered} that she would just call herself Amish.
But, without the covering, I'm not sure we pulled that off.....
oh well. She still looked cute!

Lillie was a cheerleader.

Brady was a pirate.
And by this time of the evening, he didn't want to wear his hat or take any of his accessorises....
that is why he looks so thrilled.
I made him put the hat on for pictures....

Group shot....

Brady was much more cooperative earlier in the day.  Here he is ready to go to preschool. 
With sword, parrot named Sparky, and eye patch saying ARRGGH!
 His buddy, Hogan, had come over before school.
This is the two of the walking to school together.  
The policeman and the pirate.
With the backpacks.
OH, the adorableness in this picture!!!

They had a hayride at school. 
SO fun!!

Anyways, back to that evening.....
This is a group shot of some of the girls who came running up when we walked over to the church.

These are our friends, Bailey and her Aunt Mandy.  
Mandy is the resident photographer at church, but I was able to get this shot of the two of them together.

Our youth cooked up a great hotdog supper to feed everyone!

There were trunks from which to get treats.
The girls ran off with their friends {sigh!!} and Brady at that point was cold and tired so I didn't get many pics because I was getting the treats for one grumpy little boy.

Then we headed on out to our pavilion where they giving out popcorn and  sno cones.
Sno cones seemed to be a hit regardless of the cold!!

There was also a Fall Trail where people were giving out more candy and trinket.
I have no picture of that because by this time -- Brady was done.
He and I had to get along home and warm him up.
But the girls got to enjoy it.
And we certainly have enough candy to go around!!

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