Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

This year for Thanksgiving, we went to a reunion of  the Rostan Family.
That is hubs great grandmother's family.
It was held at the Old Rock School in Valdese, NC  
This is where my MIL went to school.

I  love family history.
My family is Scots Irish and came to America in the 1700's....
But my husbands family since the early 1900's.
My children are actually 1/4 Italian.
This is Jean- Loius Rostan.
My hubs' great grandfather.

The picture on the right is of his wife, Susanne Menusan Rostan.

Both of them were born in Italy and came to American in the early 1900's.
The Rostans {and the Menusans} were Waldensian.
Jean-Louis and Susanne had 9 children.
Ken's grandmother, Babs, was second born.  

We got to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with the two of the 9 Rostan children who are still alive.  Most of the Rostan grandchildren were there and many, many great grandchildren.
There were about 100 of us.

This is the first time my girls have gotten to learn any of their Italian family history.
In Valdese, NC - where some of the Waldensian's eventually settled - there is a Waldensian museum.
We were blessed to be able to visit on Thanksgiving afternoon.
Its been years since Ken and I have been in the museum and it was the first time for our children.
We all enjoyed the afternoon.

This is Lillie checking out the Waldensian bible.....

The orange shadowed  area is where the Waldensians lived in Italy.
Very near Turino -- where the 2008 Winter Olympics were held.

Lillie, Brady and Maggie posing for a pic as Waldensians....

The red afghan in this picture resides in the museum and was made my Susanne Rostan.

A window from the first Waldensian Presbyterian Church in Valdese.

The girls particularly like seeing how the Waldensian women dressed in Italy.

For years the Waldensians ran a bakery in Valdese.
Ken's grandfather (who, interestingly was Sicilian - not Waldensian)
drove one of the trucks and delivered bread for the bakery.
He eventually became the Sales Manager.

Anyone know what this is?
It's the largest pasta rack ever......

One of the sisters, Marguerite, was a Wave during WWII. 
My Maggie shares her name.

Of course, there is a Waldensian Winery in Valdese.
Maggie and Lillie posed with the display....

I don't have any pictures of Allie while we were there.
She was too busy exploring.

It really was a wonderful day and we all enjoyed learning about the family history.

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Pastor Jenn said...

Glad you guys had a great and educational Thanksgiving with family!

Fun facts...

The Waldensian faith is the earliest "Protestant" sect (though not technical part of the reformed movement) still in existence today!

And Waldensians were the among earliest to include female preachers!! Whoot, whoot!!