Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Weekend- -Part 2

We started our day yesterday having to say goodbye to our sweet friends.
That was sad.  We had such a fun couple of days together.

After that, though, yesterday turned into  a full and fun day.
Granddaddy, Nana LeeAnne and Mom Bea came to church and lunch with us 
and then visited for a bit.

Then we spent a couple of hours at the home of some church members.
We had been invited over to see the calves and yesterday's weather was perfect for a visit.

Mr. Kim had gotten out a battery powered four-wheeler.
The kids had a wonderful time taking turns riding and driving.

We walked up to the pasture where Mr. Kim put out some feed 

and the cows came running.....
and a couple of burrows, too.

The cows seemed to love the feed and we all enjoyed looking at the calves.
There were about 12 of them and they had 3 more cows in the "maternity ward".

Then the kids got to go for a ride in the tractor.

They loved it.

This is Ms. Linda and Jacob. 
We were glad to get to spend some time with them.

and getting to know them all better.....

We then went for a hike up to a big rock.

A picture of my family on the rock.

It was a beautiful day....

Full of....


and even more beautiful people!
Thank you, Little Family for such a wonderful afternoon!

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