Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Weekend - Part 1

We have had a busy, but wonderful weekend.
It started on Friday when my friend, Kandi, and her family arrived at our house a little after noon.

We picked Brady up from school and he and his buddy, Olivia, were thrilled to be reunited.

On Friday night, we had two sitters come and watch all five kids while we had date night out!
We went to supper at Lineburger Steak house.
It was our first trip to this local favorite.
All four of us enjoyed it very much.
Then it was off to see Skyfall, the new James Bond movie.
It was intense!! 
We had a great date night out with our friends! 
I didn't take any pictures.  I wish I had.

After a breakfast of waffles and sausage on Saturday morning, Kandi and I got to go for a run.
It was my first run ever outside.
I ran faster than I ever have before and I got to run with my friend.
She spent the whole 2.5 miles encouraging me to go farther when I was begging to quit.
So thankful for that.
I did take one picture of this. 
It's not pretty.
I'm not sharing it here. =)

Then our husbands headed off to the Appalachian Football Game 
and the kids and the Mom's headed to this park.

It was a really nice park.
 The kids played for about an hour.



Allie and Olivia

Then it was time to go
but not before a group shot.  

These two love each other very much.

They are always hugging and kissing each other.

We have lots of pictures like these from the first 3 years of their friendship.
We secretly hope they get married one day so that we can pull out all those pictures. 

We, then, dropped Lillie off for a sleepover birthday party and the rest of us went to supper.
After supper we got all the worn out children bathed and in the bed.
And my bff and I relished the quiet to sit and talk for hours.

This morning they had to go home.
I think Brady summed it up best for all of us when he said he was sad that Olivia had to go home.

We had a great weekend with our sweet friends and can't wait to do it again!

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