Friday, October 19, 2012

My Instagram Life - Georgia Style

SO, this week has been so busy that I've not taken many instagram photos.
I thought, then, that I would share with you the instaphotos I took while away last week.

This is a view from our drive over.  I was trying to capture the colorful leaves.
Didn't get them much in this shot.
But still. I like the mountains in the pic.

We arrived in Chattanooga and met my Mom and sister for lunch at Red Robin.
It was my kids first time eating there.

The next pics are collages from Disney On Ice.
It was such a fun night!
Thank you Grammy and Granddaddy!!

Supper at Mr. T's pizza 
and waiting for it to start......

Captain Hook and Tinkerbell

The Lion King

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy
Alice in Wonderland

Snow White

And then.
My phone went dead.
Which is too bad because  there was so much more and some of our favorites were at the end.

We're off to the mountains overnight because hubs has a wedding to do tomorrow.
We're all looking forward to visiting with some friends and I hope to get pics of some amazing fall leaves.
They should be at their peak this weekend!!

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Have a great one!

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