Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall in the Mountains

I have been trying for days to write this post.
First, I didn't have enough space to upload the pictures.
Then, I couldn't get Skydrive to let me upload pictures so I could make space to upload the pictures.
Then, it was finding time to edit all of the pictures.
And then, last night, blogger took a sweet forever to upload them all.
So long in fact that I went to bed without blogging.  
SO, finally this morning 
I'm finishing a post about last weekend.

Last weekend, Ken had a wedding to do in the mountains so we all went up for a quick overnight visit with friends!

Since, his first stop was the rehearsal that was our first stop.
We were a little early, so we had time to play at the playground for a while.

The wedding was to be at Lake Junaluska.
It is a gorgeous lake and meeting place with houses that people rent our all around the lake.
I was fascinated by the statue of Jesus I found that I had never seen there before.  
It was a beautiful picture of Jesus offering the bread and the cup.
It also seemed super hazy that day when you looked out over the mountains.
I found out later that we had a dust storm going on before our very eyes.

On Friday night, Ken and the hubs went to supper at one of our favorite restaurants in our old hometown in the mountains. While I , got to go to supper with some dear, dear friends who feed my soul.
Wonderful evening.
We spent the night with some friends of ours who were members of our church in Sylva.
They were incredible hosts!
Allie's birthday was Saturday so Mrs. Judy fixed her a big breakfast and we even had birthday cake and presents  to follow!
We also got to go see her horses and hang out with her grandchildren, whom we love.
Madison kindly let all the kids ride her horse.

One of the funniest things I saw at the barn was this sign.

Actually, it wouldn't stricken me with fear if I hadn't already seen the dog......

We had a wonderful time with our friends, the Moody's!! 
Thank you all so much for letting us stay with you.
We loved catching up with you all!

The kids played on the trampoline, too!

Then it was time to head back over for the wedding.
I took these pictures on the way of some gorgeous fall color!

After that, my best friend and her sweet girl met us for supper at one of our all time favorite restaurants!
Miss O -- love her! She and Brady entertained the whole place.....

And before we got back in the car to travel home, we played in the leaves for just a little while.

It was such a wonderful weekend and the leaves were just beautiful!
Can't wait to do it again!

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Wendy said...

Love the pictures of the leaves. It's such good weather to play outside. To answer your question, no that is not Jarret in the picture. That was one of Tyler's friends from college.