Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Break 2012

At the end of last week,  my kids had two days out of school  that I'm gonna call Fall Break.
It wasn't really Fall Break, but I like to call it that.
We were headed to Georgia to visit family and go to the New Salem Mountain Festival.

On the way up we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants in Waynesville to visit with some friends.
Brady didn't want his picture made with the girls.....

I love her and miss getting to see her regularly so much!

This was most of us who were at dinner.  
This picture shows how badly Brady wanted to avoid having his picture made. See him hiding in my coat?
We all had a great time!  I miss these people so much!

I left here Wednesday afternoon after school.
Thinking I was going to make the whole trip to Georgia that evening.
After supper, I drove another 2 hours and found that I was too tired to go further and drive through the Ocoee gorge in the pitch dark and super curves at 11pm.
So, the kids and I stopped to get a hotel.
As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, though one of these girls went into hysterics over a scary story someone had told her at school about a hotel and someone with red eyes.
Spent 15 minutes settling her down before we could even go in.
That has been a theme around here lately. Everyone is hearing scary stories and don't want to go to bed or sleep alone due to it.
I finally told them not to listen to the scary stories. To walk away.....whew.

Anyway. We spent the night in a hotel. 
And everyone slept and no one was scare of someone with red eyes.
And I will just say here that the girl who was so scared and worked up, went to sleep first and slept soundly and peacefully all night.

So, we drove on over on Thursday morning and spent the day shopping.

On Friday night, Grammy and Granddaddy treated us to Disney on Ice.
It was so fun!!!
Lillie wasn't happy with the outfit she was wearing and that is why she is Miss Pouty in this picture.
Apparently, the clothing choices that I made for the kids were not pleasing to any of them.
When we were standing outside before going into the stadium,
Allie piped up and said "Well, no one else looks like they just came from a funeral".

On Saturday we went to the New Salem Mountain Festival.
One of my favorite events in the world.
See why here. and here.
This is my dad with most of his grandkids.  We were missing one but we took the opportunity to get a picture.

 Saturday evening,  Grammy and Granddaddy  had a cookout and early birthday celebration for Allie.
{who will be 11 on SATURDAY.}

It was great fun!

We also got to spend a lot of time with my almost 3 month old twin nephews.
It was the first time my kids had met the boys. 
They were smitten.  {I know I got a picture of Lillie with the boys, too. Not sure what happened to it.}

We had a great Fall Break.
Now, it's back to the break neck speed that is our lives.....

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