Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Last Soccer Game

Last week, 

was this boy's final soccer game of the season.

He played really hard that night.

chasing the ball
being "in" the game....

He even got to 

score a 


Be sure and take a good look, though.

Because, judging from these looks.....

It just might be his last soccer game.

Monday, October 29, 2012


This past Saturday was our churches Annual BBQ sale.  
We've been hearing about what a huge undertaking and event the BBQ was since we arrived here.
Almost everyday last week was filled with preparing for this event.

And on Thursday, aka "slaw day", there was a covered dish luncheon for the people who were there working.
Look at that table full of yummy food!!

I sooooo wish I had  a picture of Friday morning.
See, on Friday morning -- early -- they start the fires to smoke the hams.
The hams are also delivered that morning.
Hubs arrived at church at about 7 am and the fires were just getting big.
Well meaning passers by saw flames shooting up from the behind the church and next thing you know the fire department arrived.
Thankfully, the fire department is just down the street and were very kind about the whole mix-up. 

The cooking began on Friday and went straight on through the night.
Early Saturday morning, the chopping began.
Hubs went on over and began his day with the chopping.
The sweet folks at church made him his very own BBQ apron. =)

I arrived early afternoon to a full house.  
Ken took a break to eat with the family, so we got in line to get our first taste of this bbq we had heard so much raving about.
It did not disappoint!
It was delicious.
and homemade.
Even that pickle, homemade!!

After we devoured our delicious meals, it was time to get to work.  
I spent a lot of time packing pounds of bbq for sale and wrapping desserts.
But I also took some time to get pictures of the some of the many, many hands serving their community that day.

Several ladies poured drinks all day.

Washing dishes and not even complaining about it. 

Fresh cut potatoes for fresh {homemade} french fries!!!
Those might have been my favorite thing.
Because if you don't already know, I have a thing for carbs.  

Manning the fryers....

 He even fried up some fresh pork rinds.
This girl is just going to tell you that they were good!!

This is Mr. Bob.  
He is one of our oldest members and oversees all that happens around here.

These fellas were manning the smoked bbq.....
and maybe taking a break to eat some pie.

Smoke house.....lots of bbq in there.


We have our youth building set up especially for take out orders.

There was even a drive thru.
The youth took orders and came in and filled them.
Folks didn't even have to get out of the car if they didn't want to do so.

This is Ms. Barbara.
She is our leader.
She heads up this bbq every year and makes sure it is all done well.
 She works tirelessly.  
And, she makes sure that everything is done well!!

Pans full of bbq to be put into pound containers.

More of our wonderful folks serving the community....

My kids played all afternoon on the playground with friends.
Finally at around 7PM, they were exhausted and ready to go home.
It was time for baths and getting ready for church on Sunday.

As we were walking back across the street, I got this picture of our church.

It is a beautiful shot of our stained glass and of our building.
But, do you know what is even more beautiful?
The number of hands that came together to make sure this event was a huge success this year.

What a wonderful day it was!
Looking forward to many, many more bbq's to come!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


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Saturday, October 27, 2012

InstaFriday on Saturday Morning

I took a lot of of pictures this part week with my iphone and my regular phone.
Here are my iphone favs.

LAST Saturday, my Allie turned 11.  
This is a picture of her at the exact minute of her birth.

Miss O and B at supper.
They love each other and they entertained the entire restaurant.  

The weather around here has been gorgeous!

Pumpkins on my front porch

The sunrise one morning this week.

A sweet friend of ours asked Allie to be a character in her book.
It is very interesting how this worked.  They took pictures of the characters in the book and then somehow turned them into drawings.  
The books have now been published and are available for purchase here.
Our sweet friend sent Allie an autographed copy.
I think she's already read the book!  

This little boy has had a tough time staying in his bed lately.
But I love this sweet picture.

One morning this week, Brady came out of his room dressed like this.
He's Gansta cool like that.

 On Thursday afternoon, I needed to run to Target to get some things.
 After I was finished shopping, I decided it would be a great day for a Salted Caramel Mocha.
That is until I walked out the door of Target. 
That is when as I walked across the parking lot, every little bump made it shoot out of the top all over me.
I then ran over my ankle with the cart while trying to keep from getting more coffee on me.
When I finally got in the car, I realized I was going to be late picking up the girls.
Darn Starbucks addiction.......

I looked out the window Thursday evening and saw this.
I love watching my kids and and the hubby play together.
Such sweetness!

Yesterday, Miss Allie won a character award at school for being proactive.
So proud of her!!
Now, if she'd just be more proactive a cleaning her room.....

Last night, we dropped Maggie and Lillie off at a school dance and dropped Allie off at a costume birthday party.  
 Where did the time go?   
what happened to my babies??
I couldn't help but think that this was going to be my life more and more as they get older.

It was a busy week here in our home .
Today will be the busiest of the whole week.
Our family will be working at our churches Annual BBQ sale.
We hear it is a huge deal around here and that our folks make the best BBQ around.
We can't wait to dig in and work alongside our church family and eat some yummy BBQ.  
Have a great weekend!  

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