Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Softball Cookout

 This afternoon we had the privilege of attending our church softball team cookout.
It was such fun!
There were lots of flips being done.....

loads of  hula hoop contests...

 Maggie was a part of every one!

Playing in the lake


 and getting to know people better.

My family and I had a great time at the cookout.  
It was wonderful to be there and get to know folks more.
It is really hard to get to know people on Sunday mornings because there isn't much time to do a lot of talking then. So, being invited to events like the cookout this afternoon is something we relish because it is where we can really get to know people.
It was a fantastic afternoon.

We then came home and the kids asked to have a picnic outside for supper.
This is how I found them when I walked out there.

They had a picnic
and had a good time just watching the traffic go by. HA!

It was a really great Sunday.
I'm thankful for it!!

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