Friday, September 14, 2012

Stepping out of "UR".....

SO, last night was the first night that my bible study group got together. 
 We did have an orientation about a week and a half ago, but last night was our first night of discussion.
I love discussing our last five days of homework and hearing what God has been speaking to each of us throughout the week.  
We are doing The Patriarchs Study by Beth Moore.
This past week we have been talking about Abraham and his call to leave Ur of the Chaldeans and GO.....

One way that we related this to ourselves is to talk about our own "UR's" or Usual Routines that God may be calling us to leave behind.  Telling us to GO. 

I  came across this blog post this afternoon by Joy, from Graceful Mama and I desperately want to share it with all of the girls who are doing this study with us.  

GO read it now!!!  
Even if you aren't in this bible study I promise you will be blessed by Joy's post. 
It is definitely worth your time!

Girls, God may not be calling you to go to Indonesia to be a missionary but He is certainly calling us all to GO.

To leave our comfortable, usual routines, our ruts, and GO  to the place HE is leading you to.

What are your UR's that you need to leave?
Where is He calling you to GO?

This study certainly has me thinking about all of this for myself!!
{If you are if you are in The Patriarch's study, please pass this one to everyone else}
Even if you're not in this study with me right now, pass this on.
You'll be blessed by Joy's words and her willingness to

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LeeAnne said...

My UR's are mostly self-inflicted! I MOST definitely need to leave them behind. At this juncture, I am not sure where He is calling me to Go- (in present situation), but if I have to go I will and KNOW that He has sent me there for a purpose - and I know He will lead me through.