Friday, September 28, 2012

My Instagram Life - 9.28.12

It's been another busy week around here.....
Here are some of my favorite moments caught by Instagram......

Brady likes to watch Calliou in the afternoons.
I think Calliou is the whiniest kid ever and will be happy when he outgrows him. I think.
After Calliou went off, he was dancing with the PBS sweet!

These three books came in a box with a smile on it this week.
And their arrival made me smile.
Look forward to reading them all.
My stack of  "to-read" is growing larger......

The girls school had a fundraiser this week. Each day had a special theme and the kids had to pay $1 to participate.  Maggie participate every day. The other two only once or twice each which I love. I love that they are all so different from one another.....
This was Wacky Hair day......

One of the things I'm loving most about my new town, is the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that I've been seeing.   Our house faces the east.  love!!

Beginning to see some color in the trees.
SO excited about that.
I love Fall!

OH, yesterday.
Yesterday! I met up with a couple of sweet friends and went to Trader Joe's in Charlotte.
It was my first visit and can I just say, I loved that place.

Then we went to lunch and spent some time catching up.
When I lived in Belmont our girls danced together and we Mom's did bible study together.
It was a great time catching up!
SO fun!
Can't wait to do it again!

This morning....
The boys headed off to Tweetsie Railroad. Brady's first trip 
while the girls sat outside waiting to catch the bus.
I have had a leisurely morning of drinking coffee and catching up on my blog reading.

Now, it's time for me to get myself in gear.
First up, run walking on the tread mill.
Then after a shower {because being sweaty = gross}
and getting ready, I will be making pizza dough for tonight's family night.

That's what we've been doing this week.
What have you been up to?

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Rose said...

Great captures! I am loving the fall colors too. Trader Joes is definitely the bomb.

Stopping by from instafriday..happy friday! :o) :o)