Monday, August 6, 2012

Surfboard Birthday Celebration {at the Lake}

We have two kids with August birthdays in our family.

About a month ago, Maggie - whose actual birthday was August 2 - starting planning what she wanted to do for her birthday.
And she asked our friends the Walsers if she could have her family party (as it isn't a big party year for her)
at their house, which happens to be on Lake Wylie.  
They, of course, were oh so gracious and said she could have her family party there.
This is Julie and Miss Mags.

 Brady, whose actual birthday is August 26, decided this sounded like a great plan 
and got Maggie to agree that it could be a party for both of them.

We had a surfboard themed celebration with a cookout at the lake!!
After our cookout lunch, it was time to open presents.
Because they couldn't wait til after cake.
The kids were spoiled rotten by our family and sweet friends of course.
Here are a couple of the pictures of their gifts.

Brady has been asking for a Pillow Pet  every time he sees one for a looooong time now.
Nana and Grandpap got him this one.
His name is now Sparky and he loves it!

Miss Maggie got this adorable cat from Grandpap and Nana.
Grandpap said it looked just like her.
He was right.

My Maggie loves hats (if you can't tell)
She got this adorable pink one from our friend Julie.  

Another thing Brady has been begging for is "light up" shoes.
We got him these.
Spiderman + Light Up Shoes = He has hardly taken them off. =)

Finally, after the gift opening chaos, it was time for cake and homemade ice cream.
When this one was taken he had already blown out his candles,
and apparently, Lillie thought Maggie needed some help with hers.

Then our friend, Gray, took us out on the lake.
The kids and the grownups had so much fun!!

A lot of time was spent jumping off the boat.

and trying to learn to do flips.....

And convincing Dad to do back flips off the boat, too.....

And then, this little boy drove us back.

I know that Maggie and Brady loved celebrating their 9th and 4th birthdays at the lake 
with their grandparents and our friends the Walsers.
I think the rest of us did, too!
Thank you, Walsers, for loving us and blessing us with such a wonderful day!!

in HIM-

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LeeAnne said...

Amen!! We had a wonderful time celebrating the wonderful birth of both Maggie and Brady.