Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scenes from The First Day

I woke at 5:40 this morning.
25 minutes later than I wanted to wake up.....
Come to find out, I set my clock for 5:15 PM rather than 5:15 AM.

I was still able to have some quiet time with God and pray and have my coffee before everyone else was up.
It was during that time that God gave me the  verse to pray for and give my girls on this their first day at a new school in our new town.  

I wrote  2 Timothy 1:7 from the NCV  on note cards for each of them and gave it with them to carry with them to school today. 

"God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid, but a spirit of power and love and self control."

Right before heading out the door, I got these pics.
Ready to go with our new backpacks full of school supplies.

{and can I just say that  looking at these pictures, I'm almost hyperventilating!?!
What happened to my little girls????}

 Allie started 5th grade today.
She's switching classes this year for the first time.
I think she likes it so far and she says she made three new friends today....

Maggie is in 4th grade this year.
 She is also changing classes for the first time.
She loved it, and said she made 2 great new friends today and that she loves her homeroom teacher.

Lillie started 2nd grade today.
She was thrilled to find that two girls from our church are in her class.

Hubs gathered us all in a circle and said a prayer before we got in the van to go.
 When I dropped them off, they were very nervous.
I really felt awful.......
and my heart ached for my girls because I know how hard it is to be the new girl in town and have to walk into a classroom full of people who all know each other.

I prayed 2 Timothy for each of them all day.

I was delighted when I arrived to pick them up at school to see all three of them with smiles on their faces.
They got in the car and started telling me how great their days were.

Ahhhhhh, relief and tears of joy for my sweet girls!
And of course, as has become our tradition on the first day of school, 
we found a place to get a celebratory ice cream!!

Here's hoping each day of the rest of the year is just as great!!!
I'm so very thankful to God for such a wonderful first day of school
and for the kind people he put in my girls path today that made it so great.

in HIM-


Wendy said...

I love the ice cream picture of all the kids. So cute! Love traditions.

LeeAnne said...

Excellent! Being a Navy child, I can relate to the first day of school in a new place!! Hugs to all!!

Allison said...

I'm so glad they are enjoying the new school and new friends. We will be in this boat in 2 weeks. We moved very far from home last week and actually home schooled last year, so this year will be different for my girls and I'm praying it goes so well as it did for yours.