Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Brady asked for a rocket for his birthday.
I really didn't know if he really knew what he was asking for considering he's never seen one and only knew what it was because his friend, Jasper, has one.
And Jasper told him about it.

But, since he's been asking for it for months now, 
it's what we got for him

A few evenings ago, we took it out to try it.
I was interested to see what he would think of it all.
AND - we were praying that it would come back and not get lost.

All set up and ready for the first time.

Look at that smile!!!

 Waiting on the count.....

There she is.....coming back down, thankfully.

These three were waiting to catch it. 

We set it up again.
And these three did the countdown....

Blast off!!

Can you see the excitement on his face?

After we caught it the second time,
there was some serious conversation
about the best way to catch a rocket.

He was so excited!!!!

So we sent it up one last time....

 One last catch.....

So glad that Granddaddy bought extra engines
because he loved it.
Just call him Rocketman....
{You can call his Daddy Rocketman, too} =)

in HIM-

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