Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Friends

Yesterday, I drove over to Raleigh to help out with this sweet newborn.
Meet Miss Iliya.
Isn't she precious?!?
She is only 6 days old
{5 days old in this picture}

I went to help because Iliya's mommy, Kelly
had surgery on her lungs and liver on Tuesday.
Kelly has cancer.
You can read Kelly's story here.
Linda, our Associate Minister, drives Kelly to her treatments and helps however she can.
But since someone gave them a baby {inside joke}, they needed some extra hands with this surgery recovery.

As I traveled to be with these sweet ladies yesterday,
I already had the opinion that Kelly is the strongest person I've ever met.
She just reinforced that opinion yesterday.

I arrived around 11AM and Kelly, Iliya and Linda and just gotten up.
See, every 3 hours, they had to get up and feed Iliya, walk the halls for 10 minutes for Kelly's lungs, and get everything ready for the next time in just 3 more short hours.
So, yeah. They didn't sleep much and they were tired.
But since, Kelly had to be back at Duke Hospital for post-op checkup, it was time to get up and around.

We got everyone ready to go and headed to Duke.
CONFESSION: While I am extroverted and can usually talk to a wall,
I was really worried driving up yesterday about how things would go considering that Kelly, in the last 5 days had given birth and had half a lung removed { for the second time} and had part of her liver removed. Plus, the fact that I've only known these ladies for about a month now.
But, like I said she proved again how strong she is because there was much laughter and great conversation during our day. For instance, I learned yesterday that Kelly once had a Strawberry Shortcake bike with a seat that was shaped like and smelled like a strawberry.
You can see that my worries were alleviated immediately.

Once we arrived at the hospital, we dropped Kelly off on the 9th floor for her appointment.
The rest of us went to Starbucks to wait.
Which is where Linda always waits and where I failed to get the love seat when it came open......

Linda explained to me that she always sits on the love seat and if someone is already there, she just sits as close as possible to the love seat and then grabs it as soon as they leave.
There was a young doctor sitting on the love seat when we arrived.
Linda went to get her drink and came back and.....
there was a different young doctor sitting on the love seat.
Yeah......I didn't follow the plan too well.
It all just happened too fast......
I did not get the love seat in between doctors......oops.
Eventually, though - Linda got the love seat and I got starbucks so all was well
and we were settled in for our wait.

Iliya slept for most of our time in Starbucks but woke up to be fed
just before her Mommy strolled in to meet us.
{Did you catch that? Kelly just walked in Starbucks to meet us like she hadn't just given birth 5 days ago and like she hadn't just had major surgery the day before
and like they hadn't just had to do a procedure to remove 68 ozs of fluid from her lungs.
See what I mean about how strong she is?}

Before we left Starbucks, we had to get a picture of Iliya's first trip to the Starbucks love seat.
Linda will not be happy with me for sharing these pics but I can't help it.
Can't you just see the love?!!!

After a lab appointment, we left the hospital at around 4:30PM.
We made a quick stop at Walmart for some supplies and then went to supper here.
I had to take a picture of this because I cannot see Red Robin without laughing.
See, because of the Red Robin commercial from a couple of years ago that included a game of hide and seek, now -- my kids now play hide and seek the same way.
It tickles me to hear the seeker yell "Red Robin"
and the rest yell out "yum yum!"

After supper the delirium set in .
Between the lack of sleep for them both and the morphine for Kelly,
things just got funny.
I am not even joking.
We spent about an hour and a half laughing hysterically!
We laughed when I was changing Iliya's diaper and she pooed and peed all over.
I can't even explain to you why this was so funny but I will try.
Iliya had a very bad diaper rash because she has been a pooping machine, so one of the supplies we bought was Butt Balm for her little hiney.
I had just put a thick layer on her when she peed and pood.
Linda ran to get a towel
and when she brought it back to me she said
"Is it fuzzy!?!?"
Kelly and I just burst into laughter.....the kind that brings tears!!
Iliya's thick layer of diaper ointment combined with pee looked fuzzy to Linda.
I'm laughing just thinking about it.
Not to mention the towel in the toilet.....
Seriously, there was delirium.

After that, Kelly went to take a shower and it was time for me to go home.

I am so glad that I got to spend yesterday with these two great ladies and baby Iliya.
Kelly is not only a super hero of strength physically but also spiritually.
THAT is your super power, Kelly.
And, Linda -- it's yours, too!!!!

Yesterday, when Kelly and I were running through Walmart, she said that she was sorry that the first time that we hung out was a day filled with boobs (there was lots of pumping going on), hospital business, and pain.
Linda said that kind of day makes us forever friends.
And, I am in complete agreement.
Now, we are forever friends.
And, next time Linda --- I will conquer the love seat!

I would love it if you all would pray for my new forever friend, Kelly!!

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Elaine said...

Awe, I am so glad Kelly has a support system to surround her during this unsettling time. It's so hard adjusting to a newborn! Having that coupled with birth, surgery, and feeding schedules--she may be the strongest person I've ever heard of! I am adding her to my prayer list!