Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Moments

Today, this sweet boy went to his first day at his new preschool.

With his new Spiderman backpack.
I expected him to fuss a little and hang onto my leg and beg me to stay.
None of that happened.
He put his lunch box in the box outside the room,
walked right in and barely gave me a kiss before heading off to wash his hands and play.
Bitter sweet......

After dropping him at school, I went to a meeting to talk about the bible study I'm going to be co-leading this fall. It's one of my favorites by Beth Moore {and just about all of her studies are my favorites}.
We watched the introductory video and I am even more excited about doing this study again than I was before!!
The Patriarchs is going to be fantastic!!
All you ladies out there should join us!!

This afternoon, I tried a new recipe.
I made these Light Brioche Buns for our supper.
And, I'm not sure I will ever buy store bought buns again.

Honestly, there is nothing better than homemade bread!!

Lastly, tonight I tried this workout.

I didn't even do the whole thing. I wasn't able to do the whole thing.
It. was. tough.
I will get strong enough to do the whole thing.
I will get in shape!!

That's been my Monday.
Hope yours has been as ordinarily good as mine!!

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