Thursday, August 23, 2012

Longing for Fall.....

It happens every year about this time.
I know it's only mid August, but every year about this time,
I start longing for Fall.
Fall is my most favorite season of the year.....
And, slowly but surely it's coming!!!!

Today the high temp here was only 80 degrees 
and by 7PM it was down in the 70's.
THAT is glorious weather!!
It's made me want Fall even more!!

There are many, many reasons why I'm looking forward to Fall. 
Here are just a few.... or ten.....

1.  Do you see that?
Look closely......
The leaves are starting to change!!!
I love the colors of fall!  
2. The smell of fall.  
Seriously, is there anything better?

3.  Cooler Weather!!

4..  Cooler weather means fall clothes 
and I love my fall clothing.
I love warm and cozy sweaters and I can't wait to wear them.

5. and.  Boots, of course!!

 6.   I can't wait to decorate my house for fall!  
Some amazing fall smelling candles are in order!!

7.  Fall brings the schedule back!!
With the start of school, and the kids activities starting back up, my schedule returns and this girl thrives on a schedule.

8.    Fall typically brings a new bible study for me and this year is no exception.
I will be co-leading Beth Moore's The Patriarchs. 
I love getting into the Word with other women
This time is special because I get to study with and get to know a brand new group of ladies!!
I've done this study before and I know what great stuff is in it. 
I can't wait to dive right in again!!!  He is EL this study and you will know what that means =)

9.  FALL COFFEE FLAVORS --- like Pumpkin Spice.
It's already out at Target and I've already snatched some up 
and am enjoying it daily..... YUM!

10.  New seasons of my favorite shows!!
One of my favs --- like I don't ever want to miss it is 
The Big Bang Theory.
Seriously, it's so funny.....
BFF told me that the premiere is Sept. 27.....
that's seems so far away.....but it's coming......
This is a clip of my favorite moment from the finale last year.
Check it out!!


Fall is coming!
And I couldn't be happier!!!!

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Allison said...

Love the new blog design! Your kids are precious!