Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Wonderful Welcome

Almost two weeks ago, we drove into town and saw this.

And we have felt welcomed at every turn since we have arrived.

I told you all about the produce and food that people have brought to us.
Not to mention the sweet cards we've received and the 20 or so people who were here to help us get moved in.
AND, to know that pictures of our family were passed out to everyone so that they could pray for us.....That is just so incredibly awesome!!!!

Today, though.
Today was our first Sunday in our new church and with our new church family.
And I can say that we truly felt the love of that family today.

Everyone was so kind and welcoming.
The lunch was great and the food was delicious!
We have some incredible cooks, I can tell already!!!

And, I personally want to thank everyone who was wearing their Appalachian State gear today.
When we first arrived this morning and I began to see people with their Appalachian State gear on, I began to wonder if it was some kind of important day for college football that I was completely unaware of.

To know that you all wore your App gear as just another way to welcome my hubby because you know that it is his Alma Mater.  THAT is just the most welcoming thing ever.

SO, thank you Mount Pleasant UMC family!
You have welcomed us completely and with such love that we are even more excited now to be serving you all and to be serving with you all.

in HIM-

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Angie Vik said...

What a blessing to be welcomed with open arms. So glad you and your family had a good experience. Changing churches is a huge undertaking and it helps when you are showered with love like you were. Hope things are going well.