Saturday, July 21, 2012


Here is some random stuff from this week.........

*Hubs and I are looking to buy a bed. You have NO idea how excited I am to be buying my own bed.  That might sound silly but living in parsonages, there isn't much that is "mine" so I'm happy to be adding a little me.  {And after writing that feeling a little vain.}  
  We have looked at many, many beds. I think we've narrowed it down.
Who knew picking a bed was gonna be so stressful?  

*Speaking of parsonages. Now that we've moved, I have a million pins on Pinterest  that I am super excited to make, try, do  in our new home. 
Lots of decorative things to make and organization systems to put in place.
I love organizing things.  
and decorating, too.
and making it "me"......
Stay tuned for lots of talk about all the great things I found on pinterest! {smile}

* The kids were gone part of this week. They had a blast with Nana and Granddaddy Curtis.  
They took a train ride to Raleigh and went to the zoo.
While they were gone, I got to go to Asheville for a day with my sweet, sweet friend.
I did some cleaning and had some downtime.
I also worked on new address cards to send out.
I'm super frustrated that I have to redo them because they didn't turn out as I had hoped. ggrrrr.

*While in Asheville, I went to Lifeway.
I could spend days browsing in that store and tons of money on all the great books and studies.
I bought a couple of great studies that I cannot wait to start on.
Spending time studying His Word is one of my favorite things!!

* I am in love with this pair of shoes.
I keep looking at them.
Over and over and over.
I think I like shoes a little too much....

* I have to finish up getting the girls registered for school since in starts in like 3 weeks.
I tried to do this while they were gone, but I need their signatures on a few things so I will do that early this coming week.  And then comes the fun part.
School shopping for supplies.

*I went to some yardsales this morning.
First time I've done that in a long time.
I'm on the fence as to whether I actually like going to them or not.  
I mean, I bought nothing today.  
But, I follow some blogs where these ladies find incredible things at yard sales.
I would like to do that!!

SO, that's what has been happening in my random week.
What have you been up to?

in HIM-

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Deidre said...

Glad you're getting settled.

I love those shoes. Where are they from?

Just thinking of starting school makes me want to cry. Hopefully, I'll be ready once the time comes.