Friday, July 27, 2012

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life rearranged

Here's whats been happening in our little world this past week.
On Sunday afternoon, we attended a cookout for one of the Sunday School classes at our church.
We were delighted to be invited guests.
The kids loved swimming in the pool
and we all had  blast.
The ride on the boat was one of my favorite parts.
I snapped this shot of my hubby while we were out.
I love this picture!!

On Monday, I ran errands and we dropped in on my Mother in law who wasn't feeling well.
I think she enjoyed our visit and I am so happy to be able to live close enough to just "drop in" now.  
I got to go shop at EarthFare - which I love.
And then we stopped at Harris Teeter for a few other things and I found this.....
Raspberry Sorbet......straight from heaven, I tell you!
Seriously, I finished this off tonight.  

Some incredible friends gave us tickets to Carowinds as a going away gift.  We used those on Wednesday afternoon.  We took our friend, Cassie, with us.  Here she is with the kids just before we went  in.....

We really had a blast.  Brady was exhausted after a couple of hours and took a nap.
On a crosstie......

This was his favorite ride of the day.
He loved the carousel!!

Maggie, Cassie and I went over to the water park after a while because we were so blooming hot.

This girl was a roller coaster riding machine.
Anything she was tall enough to ride, she rode.
And wanted to do it again.

My biggest girl. 
She was too tall to ride some of the rides in the kids area.
And she was super proud of it!!
I wonder how she got so big!!!!

Yesterday I got a new coffee cup.
I love coffee.
This is perfect for using with my Keurig.
Perfect size!

I also got my nails done today.  I'm noticing looking at this picture that the edges aren't too great....
Oh, well.  I got Russian Navy in honor of my nephews who are scheduled to be born on Monday.
I will be there to meet them  and I cannot wait!!

On the way home from the softball game tonight , I got this pic.
Good reminder everyday -- not just on Easter.  

That's what we've been up to this week.
What have you been up to????
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in HIM-

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Danna said...

I love your last picture, such a wonderful visual reminder. It looks like you guys had so much fun at the amusement park, my husband and I are talking about taking our kiddos soon. I hope you are having a great weekend!