Sunday, July 1, 2012

Full Heart

I love this picture.  

I love these people.

My heart is full of joy looking at these faces and thinking of these people.

We will miss you all dear Sylva friends but know that God has a plan for each and every one of us and that includes change.  

Tomorrow is the day we will load up the trucks.
We will do some cleaning and then head out on Tuesday morning with a convoy of cars and loaded trucks to our new home.

I'd love it if you'd pray for my family.

I'd love it even more if you would pray for each pastor's family in the Western North Carolina Conference who also move on Tuesday.
And pray for all of the churches who are feeling heartbreak over losing one pastor and anticipation in meeting a new one!!  

Thanks everyone!
See ya when we get everything set up at the new house.



Lisa said...

Praying sweet friend!

Tina @ Girl Meets Globe said...

Hi Mindy,

We are also facing an upcoming move/change and I think I can relate a bit of how you are feeling right now. We leave in 5 weeks and although we are not leaving a place we love very much (we live in Vienna, Austria. Some people may see that as really awesome place to live and be and while we love Europe, it's not a place we've loved, but we were called to come here) we just said goodbye to some precious friends. Two moving to the US and we are moving to London after 6 months in the USA.
It's definitely been a bittersweet time for us!
Praying for you as you leave these precious friendships and as you make new ones in your new location!!