Thursday, June 14, 2012

Working Out with Pinterest

I've told y'all before of my love for Pinterest.  I really do find so many good ideas on there.  All kinds of things from clothing to decorating. From kids rooms to dream houses. From recipes to organizing {which I sort of have a thing for}. One of the most surprising and yet, best things I'm pinning on Pinterest  is {are? what is the correct grammar here}  some great workouts.

One of my favorites I've been doing lately is this one......ballerina legs?  Yes, please!!
Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

Here is one of the newest things I've found that I just love.  I haven't actually done this one yet but I am just thinking that if I spread this out and do it 5 times in one day that is 500 extra calories burned.  YES!!!

And here is the one that I did tonight. TOUGH!!!!!

I'm curious, what are you pinning on Pinterest that has surprised you ?

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